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Constellation Brochure
Constellation is a suite of software solutions that automates creation of league schedules and fixtures. The main purpose of the system is to solve specific organizational needs of sports federations, leagues and clubs. Constellation is a web application suite that automates the preparation of timetables for sport competitions. Constellation automates the obsolete manual procedures, organizing data in a systematic accessible way.

Constellation Systems - Software as a Web Service
Constellation uses the Web 2.0 business model that optimizes user experience with the human resources available to the organization office anywhere. It enables an immediate reduction in costs and operating times. Until now it was difficult to find a way to replace the old method of preparation of schedules, especially for the extreme difficulty of crossing a large number of constraints.

The system is able to process in a few moments the schedules and fixtures, while considering the constraints imposed by clubs, venues timetables conflicts. The constellation is taking into account the criteria of geographical proximity and priorities hierarchy between the different competitions.

The remarkable elasticity of the processing system allows, moreover, the manual insertion of individual data also in the fields-venues already reserved, and it is substantially error-proof, since a careful control system actually prevents the placing of incompatible data with those already entered.

The present situation
In Italy are held tens of thousands of sport events weekly. The creation of fixture schedules in the various disciplines and their eventual subsequent modifications are carried out without an adequate IT support: The allocation of teams in different divisions/leagues, the play time, venues, in other words, are not supported by an adequate software which takes into account the various criteria to be met. The number of parameters to be considered simultaneously and speed up the hard work of the league manager. It follows, of course, an excessive expenditure of effort and cost, in addition to the fact that the result thus obtained is certainly not optimal.

Reduce planning time and management costs
Increase the effectiveness and quality of schedules
Improve management by automating the process of fixtures assignment
Geographical proximity clustering of teams

Features of Constellation
intuitive operation and ease of learning
reduction of the costs of management
high level of customization
cost containment for communications
better working conditions
management system, consultation and control data in real time
multi-user mode
Constellation also provides, through its operating characteristics, adequate assurance of 'accuracy and consistency of the information contained therein; factual information more transparent and easy to spread, making it simpler organizational audits and timely.

Users can work simultaneously
Suffice it to say that, thanks web, multiple operators can access the system simultaneously and that each of them can do it anywhere, without the need of being in the workplace.
Constellation allows the creation of calendars Race, respecting:
- Scheduled for Competition
- In the case of combination of several competitions on the same field will respect the priority criteria (constraints grids / POSITION the team lower in Group, or its number grids BOUND, FIVE dependent variables.)
- In case you notice the colors of the participating teams are equal
Geographical clustering of the Company's Teams-Rounds: to once automatically given the geographical location of the Fields of Race.
These characteristics, combined also evident impartiality of the processed data, facilitate by far the task of those responsible for all the offices of any sports federation.

Structural scheme of Constellation
The software is substantially composed of four main applications, which appear on a simple and intuitive interface.
Constellation Census: archive of clubs with all their teams, and their desired, easily manipulated through Constellation Graph.
Constellation Competitions: a list of the various competitions of a sport. This support module is fully integrated with the Constellation system, and in it are included the preferences of the times and dates of the competitions start and return of the competition.

Constellation fields: Summary of meetings in each field of play.
Constellation Assignments: application for the dynamic allocation of teams in divisions/leagues, and automatic schedule-calendar of competitions.
The application Constellation Census, is the database in which they are definitively placed the full details of sports clubs (data, managers, teams, desired, etc..).

The application, called Constellation assignments, is the real brain of the system: a powerful data processing software, which finally allows the user to create calendars for an entire season in a very short time.
Thanks to the application Constellation fields you can instantly see all the meetings that take place on each field, sorted according to various parameters (date, time, category, etc.).