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Massimo De Ioannon

Constellation Explanatory Summary
The primary goal of the Constellation system is creation of high-quality schedules for sport events. Constellation is SPORT EVENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The system is able to create the schedules and fixtures, while harmonising high number of constraints imposed by clubs, venues and schedule conflicts, finding easily optimal trade-off. It automates the management of sports competitions and leagues-groups. Constellation also contains club enrolment and competition management capabilities.

The allocation of teams in different groups/leagues, the choice of match time, the game turn and more are still in many federations, is the result of a slow and laborious manual work.

It was difficult to automate the old manual method of preparing the calendar fixtures of sports competitions. There is especially high difficulty of satisfying a very high number of conflicting desired constraints, specified by each club.

For the obvious reasons slow and laborious manual compilation of fixtures can not reach precise and optimal processing and requirement management of complex constraints criteria of teams. Constellation offers an adequate software solution to sport event managers and operators.

Constellation - The application we have created, actually was born to automate everything possible, is a cloud based application the latest generation no need, therefore, any installation since it uses Internet which allows you to:
reduce operating costs and reduce communication costs
work in multi-user mode
geographic grouping of teams - in automatic fashion
abide by the same grouping of the teams on the basis of the team-strength parameters, i.e team level
manage, access and process data in real time
eliminate the procedure of data entry by the delegations (the list of teams of each club, the playing fields, times and so-called "desired preferences and constraints" can be entered into the system directly by the companies: you imagine the savings in time and effort!)
automate the assignment of the slot-grid number of teams (this long work is still done manually in several long weeks)
automatically create calendars-fixtures of any competition category

The constellation software has been completed in accordance with the requirements of the regional and provincial committees of Italian LND-FIGC league.

The clubs data with all teams of the Regional Committee of Lombardy are included in the system.

Fixture processing has already been carried out for several sportive seasons, with excellent results, a considering complex constraints criteria on clubs and teams of Milan.

The team slot-numbers and he division-letters are assigned automatically by Constellation. The system will also minimize undesired conflicts between rounds. Constellation will create the best possible calendar fixtures of the championships for the sport season, for all competitions.

The program, as reported above, eliminates the need to enter information from the different leagues-delegations, it is expected that the data of the clubs and their desires related fields-venues, match time and home-away cadence of matches can be placed directly online by the clubs by filling in a web-form quickly and intuitively.

In other words, in a few minutes, every club inserts or updates its data:
- configuration of competitions of the season
- club's anagraphic data and officials
- enrolment of teams to competitions
- the venue/ playground data
- the desired choice of match-time
- Home/Away binding constraints

All the information pertaining to the clubs and its teams are available to league-operators. Constellation enables interactive data processing, avoiding so another step that usually requires weeks of laborious manual work related to team assignment to divisions-leagues and n immediate control of team assignment and matching preferences and other venue/playground constraints.