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Constellation Features
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Constellation Features
Constellation Features
Constellation Sports Scheduling Software System is a professional scheduling solutions for sport federations and anyone who organizers sports competition events.

With constellation you can create schedules in minutes, not days or weeks. If you have created sport schedules manually, with pen and paper you know how difficult and time consuming it is. If you are trying to treat each team fairly, it is even more difficult.

As amateur and professional sports leagues proliferate and grow in size and complexity, organizers are increasingly turning to computer assisted scheduling. Sports scheduling is an area in constraint programming. The generation of sport event calendars is a combinatorial problem that combines features both from tournament scheduling problem and from the travelling salesman problem.

In early stage, we concentrate on a core problem that inevitably comes up: determining whether a set of constraints on the schedule is feasible. Through DUE DILIGENCE we will assure a feasible set of constraints which can provide a convergent timetable. This is often called the "timetabling" problem of the scheduling process.

Constellation can handle sports schedules of any size and complexity. Sports scheduling is an important area of constraint programming. Optimised schedules have many benefits for the divisions/leagues and respective clubs/teams: such as higher incomes, best solutions obtained for real-world instances, lower management costs and fairer more balanced seasons.

INVENTION & INNOVATION -The Sport Events Expert System
When you improve something by an order of magnitude, you have not made something better - you have made something new. CONSTELLATION has boosted Italian Football Federation productivity in Milan on unprecedented level.

During enrolment of teams into competitions, the Constellation scheduler enables an easy input and manipulation of:
- scheduling preferences and
- setting all teams scheduling constraints
It gives you absolute control over all aspects of the fixtures, and creates solutions effortlessly and in harmony with the team scheduling and calendar constraints.

The user interface is clean and seamless. The Constellation web application suite comes fully documented with searchable online help pages, with solutions and examples to any use case. Clubs can simply fill in the team preferences and constraints on the web.

Constellation automates the sport season schedules. Constellation automates round-robin league schedules, cross divisional schedules for any sport that requires team pairings (binding) and other constraints.

Constellation UX / advanced consumer experience

> Browser web-based interface is easy to learn and simple to use
> iPad compatible and android tablet-friendly user interface
> Cloud solution eliminates software installation and upgrade issues
> Interactive work-flow
> Intuitive interface enables quick learning curve
> Constellation automated wizards provide assistance to easily create schedules in minutes
> Smart Phone device compatibility - view your schedules on your smart phone

Constellation eliminates the need to enter information by league managers. Constellation automates the complex data entry.
It is expected that the data of the clubs and their relative teams as well as desires fields, match-time can be entered directly on web, by the club managers, themselves (and not by the league operators) Web form data entry is quick and intuitive.
In other words, in a few minutes, every club can inserts its data and team's scheduling preferences. Immediately, all the information pertaining to the teams enrolled to competitions are available to league operators.

The user interface is clean and seamless. The Constellation web application suite comes fully documented with searchable help system. Clubs can simply fill in the requested data on the web in the wizard like interface.

These, then, can go directly to division grouping, and schedule processing, jumping another step that usually requires weeks of frustrating work and complex control.

MyConstellation features:

An important feature of the Constellation scheduling software is that it has user access types.
This means that you can control what different organizations, clubs, and users can access when they log in.
They can see only events scheduled for them.
Constellation users' access levels and R/W rights are managed by user-manager-application.

Limiting a user to only see the relevant appointments and events
Allowing a federation help-desk personnel to book a venue, but have limited access to other parts of the system.
Allowing view-only access while restricting the ability to cancel or change already scheduled appointments.
> Simultaneous multi-user support

Constellation database contains:
- all competitions of a sport season,
- all clubs with their respective teams, officials, players, team player rosters, fields/venues and Constellation Graph with preferences:
- geo-localised fields venues,
- scheduling preferences of teams
- complementarity/pairing constraints between the teams playing on the same day home or away

CONSTELLATION GRAPH is a framework for thinking, viewing and manipulating of the scheduling constraints and scheduling preferences of teams. Constellation Graph looks like an ordered interactive table, where you can easily manipulate the preferential week days and times on the venue fields of teams' matches.
It has an intuitive interface. The Constellation Graph is an interactive user-friendly form for specifying scheduling preferences of teams and their XY pairing constraints during the match season.

It also has an interface with a formal syntax that allows a precise definition of the complementarity/pairing constraints between the teams playing on the same day, even between different clubs.
CONSTELLATION GRAPH is an important tool for configuring a feasible set of constraints on the schedule, so that the convergent "timetabling" of the scheduling process can be successfully accomplished.

The software allows you to define up to 200 different competitions, and unlimited number of venues; and to automatically create a divisions schedule for up to 500 teams per competition.

The CONSTELLATION GLOBAL CONTROL will check the correctness and completeness of all required data and possible venue timetable conflicts, before you start with the team assignments in to divisions.

It is easy to set field timetable constraints, game length for each competition.
There is also a feature for timetable conflict resolution.

CONSTELLATION Data validation
Constellation assures correctness and completeness of all scheduling requirement data.

We focus on a core problem that inevitably comes up in data entry: determining whether a set of constraints on the schedule is feasible and whether some data are missing.

Data integrity control is exerted on every process that uses user specified data to ensure the continued correctness of all information.

Possible stadium timetable conflicts will be eliminated before one starts with the assignment process of teams to divisions.

> Intuitive selection of parameters for splitting the Competition and regrouping it in to divisions
> Easy Click & Drag option to assign teams to divisions
> Geographic proximity grouping of the team's venues inside league-divisions
or reassignment of teams into divisions
> Constellation enables last-minute adjustments or reassignments of the teams and divisions
> Within seconds, you will get new/updated competition fixtures calendar

Constellation has many features, and some are listed here:
> handling more than 10,000 football teams
> which play in more than 200 various competitions, championships and tournaments
> on more than 2,000 playgrounds/venues.
> Detailed error log reports with validity control and pin-pointed corrective instructions
> Geographic proximity grouping of the team's venues inside league-divisions
> Constellation supports field/venue sharing
> Fixtures Constraints, timetable and matching preferences
> Unsatisfied constraints feedback/warning reports
> Timetable conflicts/error reports
> Immediate error report highlights/ feedback
> Last minute adjustments in Constellation Graph: cancellations and updates of timetable and matching preferences of teams
> Last-minute adjustments of team divisions structure: Constellation enables last-minute adjustments or reassignments of the teams and divisions.
> Within seconds, you will get new/updated fixtures calendar.
> Home and Away Sequence report
> Updating and reporting on web
> Team games per week report
> Early - Late game slot distribution report
> Full featured reporting with support for google calendar
> Player roster administration
> Cross platform files are exportable to all systems (Mac, Win, Unix)

Fixtures management
The Fixture is scheduled sport event: (match-time, date, venue, home team, guest team)

Constellation Fixtures management utility will help you organize competition events; enable automatic schedule generation and eventual rescheduling of games.
Scheduler employs optimized balanced round robin algorithm. Manual adjustments are possible.

Constellation enlists open game time slots to help you reschedule rainouts or cancellations.
A fixture can be Cancelled, Postponed or Abandoned. But we can say that more than 95% of fixtures become effective sport events.
The Constellation fixture scheduler creates fixtures for all teams in a division on the specified dates and times, respecting all binding/pairing constraints with other teams, whenever it is possible.
FIXTURE should try to meet all constraints.
Before start assigning teams in divisions you have to set all CONSTELLATION GRAPHS for each team of each club:
a/ Set the dates and times when fixtures should take place each week, and venue availability calendars, i.e. availability and preferred calendars for league, divisions, teams and venues
b/ Setup exceptions dates when fixtures should not take place e.g. December 25th
c/ Setup the teams in your club(s) and the venues where teams play.
d/ The CONSTELLATION scheduler enables venue sharing between leagues, divisions and teams
e/ If all constraints cannot be met then conflicts can be resolved via the conflict checker.
f/ venue and team compatibility binding constraints setup

Available Games and Results Report
The different status of a fixture:
0 - Available Results Report
1 - Open game time slot – you can reschedule rain-outs or other cancellations.
2 - Cancelled – a fixture which was cancelled and will not be re-arranged at a later date
3 - Postponed – a fixture which was cancelled and will be re-arranged for some future date
4 - Home/ Away Walkover – A home win irrespective of the result (which is optional). Win and result applied to tables.
5 - Home / Away Win Penalties – Used to progress a team to the next round of a championship if the result was a draw.
6 - Abandoned – Fixture was not completed, score shown as a result. Not reflected in table.

- Teams will be scheduled according to their timetable preferences and home/away binding constraints.
- Enables venue sharing among the teams within a division
- Enables venue sharing among the teams of different divisions
- In Competition calendar each division fixture match-times and venues are precisely defined
- Schedules are based on precise home/away sequences scheduling schemes/algorithms.

Playground venue scheduling calendar:
- a) All matches scheduled at the team’s highest priority
- b) matches will be scheduled at available preferred time/venue slots; if there are no available time/venue slots then at the team will be reassigned to next available slot.
- c) conflicts checker will show if a venue / playground is used on a non preferred time or if it is over booked.
If some constraints cannot be met, then eventual conflicts will be resolved in the interactive fashion.

Predefined fixtures are set in club's Constellation Graph:
- a) Teams scheduling preferences have to be set up in the club's Constellation Graph.
- b) Constellation Graph defines precisely preferred scheduling fixtures for competition, team, venues, time slots and pairing constraints
- c) Calendar dates when specific teams should play are specified automatically
- d) Some fixture constraints can be modified manually by the operator

* Constellation Scheduler
Constellation will create round-robin and travelling league schedules easily. Just enter your locations/venues, teams, game times and start date.
Constellation Scheduler automatically creates your game schedules for the whole season.

* Flexible Scheduling
Constellation Scheduler takes care of balancing game times and locations across the teams.
Constellation scheduling software handles multiple venues, divisions/leagues, scheduling constraints and preferences processing.

Additional Features in Constellation Scheduler
* Last-minute adjustments
Constellation Scheduler enables last-minute adjustments or reassignments of the teams and divisions. Within seconds, you will get new/updated fixtures calendar.

* Standings report
Once your sport season starts, you can enter game scores, and the team standings will be automatically updated.
Standings report shows won/loss results, win percentage, and points.

* Exceptions handling & Excluded dates
It is possible to add individual team exceptions for day of week or times.
An example: all games for the Juniors must start before 5:00pm.
It is possible to add Excluded dates, days to prevent games from being scheduled.

* Reporting: users can easily view, print, or export league scheduling reports

* Open games management: rescheduling rain-outs or other cancellations, with optional time slots wizards

* Online Help
Convenient help web/pages will assist you through every step of your scheduling work-flow.

* Share playground venues
One can share playground venues across multiple schedules and Constellation Scheduler will not create conflicts.

* Export Competition Schedules
Export your schedules to the most popular schedule management tools, as well as Google Calendar, Yahoo, or export to CSV files to use in Excel.

* Printable Competition Schedules, calendar reports by team, venue or division

Tournaments & Championships competitions
The Constellation software also includes algorithms for single- and double-elimination tournament events up to 512 teams -- 9 rounds * 8 rounds + 1 finale game.

Elimination tournament -- is divided into successive rounds, where each competitor plays in at least one fixture per round.

League Championship -- The division/league comprises up to 24 teams. Over the course of a season, which runs annually from August to the following May, each team plays twice against the others in the league, once at 'home' and once 'away', resulting in each team competing in 46 games in total.

Scheduling Features:
Teams, venues, dates and times can be quickly entered and configured from drop down menus in Constellation Graph
> Assign referees/officials to scheduled games and review referees' acceptance of games fixtures
Automatic schedule generation according to optimal balanced round robin templates
Add schedule options such as round robin, pool play, cross pool, double headers, guaranteed games, wild-card, and elimination brackets
Multiple game-time options can be pre-configured
Game conflicts are highlighted so that schedule changes can be made
Games/Events managed from integrated facility database

Constellation considers team's and facility's scheduling to minimize travel costs
Manages: competition games, exercises, or informal sports contests
Automatic timetable conflict detection -- resolves double bookings
Geo/mapping and pinpointing venues of away games / travel directions

- Creates a team calendar when each team fixture should take place

Stadia playground facilities and venues can be added, edited or deleted

* Consultation on web and messaging to customized mailing lists
League Hub Competition calendar -- publicly shares schedules of the sport season on the web
League Hub Clubs -- teams, rosters, scores, and standings during the season
Competition schedules at the push of a button on your mailing list
Scores, statistics, and standings for each of your clubs/teams on your mailing list

Constellation has a set of advanced scheduling features to handle complex sport schedules with various constraints.

Maximum number of competitions is not limited
Maximum number of teams per competition is not limited
Maximum number of divisions per competition: 26
Maximum number of teams per division: 20
- Teams can be entered directly by clubs during enrolment to competitions of the season
- Team preferences on playgrounds and binding constraints can be entered directly by clubs during enrolment to competitions of the season
- Creates a team calendar when each team fixture should take place
- Variable number of play-times options for each match-day
- teams have a balanced number of home and away games in the scheduler
- Bye games are automatically assigned to divisions with odd numbers of teams
- Constellation avoids in automatic prime slots for bye games
- Time conflicts on playgrounds are highlighted and resolved interactively

* Unified Messaging and Alerting features:
Team players, referees and coaches are notified of any schedule changes via email and/or SMS text message
Changed games are highlighted on published schedules
Coordinates: officials, staff, security and maintenance personnel
Sends: notifications to coaches, officials, security and other stakeholders
Daily appointment notifications and reminders >> SMS, IM on Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Wire
Automatic e-mail appointment reminders that you can be customized
Event calendar export: Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar
Staff appointment scheduling
Provide ALERT notifications on cancellations or postponements
Integration with your own Web site via Iframe

Constellation is customizable to meet unique needs of the leagues and sport federations.